RCR 058: Software Development Questions for the CISSP Exam (Domain 8) - CISSP Training and Study!

Jan 12, 2020


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Shon Gerber from ShonGerber.com provides you the information and knowledge you need to prepare and pass the CISSP Exam while providing the tools you need to enhance your cybersecurity career.  Shon utilizes his expansive knowledge while providing superior training from his years of training people in cybersecurity. 

In this episode, Shon will talk about questions for Domain 8 (Software Development Security) of the CISSP Exam.

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welcome to reduce cyber risk podcast where we provide you the training and tools you need to pass the cissp exam while enhancing your cybersecurity career hi my name is Sean Gerber and I'm your host of this action-packed informative podcasts join me each week is I provide the information you need to grow your cybersecurity knowledge so that you're better prepared to pass the cissp exam cyber risk podcast in this is episode 29 of the cissp exam questions domain 8 I hope everybody's having a great week the conclusion of this week elderly doing that the holiday season has come and it is gone and hope you got everything you wanted from Santa Claus or just that you had a relaxing break if you had the time off your the United States I recorded this episode just a little bit before Christmas so I will tell you right now that I am looking forward to the time off I'll be nice to relax a little bit and I'm fired up to watch the new Star Wars movie so again dominate this is off of software development security and acid of the domain we have this last podcast for this last week what is questions are coming to you from techtarget question number one B trademark trade secret D copyright can't we talk about this in previous episodes around the exam questions so waiter tells his friends how the restaurants famous Secret Sauce is made what law has he violated sea trade secret so it was no law be with trademark see you a trade secret D was copyright the answer was sea trade secret that's what he did it's your little secret formula what makes you and differentiates you from the competitors question 2 what is the first step in forensic analysis at a cybercrime scene play execute the primary programs on the computer to obtain more information capture log files on the computer notify customers of potential outages capture complete image of the system now think about this you want to go mucking around on a computer before you start doing it execute the primary programs and run to see what's out there capture log files on the computer notify customers of potential outages Indie capture the complete of the system any answer to that ants answer that answer question is the capture image of that system you want that to be the original image and it'll be important as you do chain-of-custody aspects because the bottom line is you they don't know if you start messing with it running programs on it will start asking questions of going well then how do we know you didn't mess with it and and put my client in a bad position so anyway that's that question 3 which organization post for primary protection individual honorability service and professional development so which organization post for primary code of ethics Canon Mulvane social protection ability diligent service and professional development the quest of the answers are computer ethics Institute Jessie Square internet ethics board activities for answer is b i c squared again it demands its members of follow the four canons of ethics and you have to do those finals write this question witness testimony would be classified as what type of evidence a real secondary CBEST D conclusive witness testimony would be classified as what type of evidence is real be a secondary C best D is conclusive and the answer is secondary secondary evidence is not as reliable as best evidence and may need supporting evidence per Aspera techtarget the answers they provided there but it's true basically becomes right down to his you when you're dealing with secondary evidence the best testimony would be right from the person themself all right question 5 which of the following would protect senior Executives in liability lawsuits brought on by an employee a he's able to demonstrate that due diligence and due care were established and followed be he's on vacation during incident that's cool probably not like Bahamas or Italy or something cool like that can accept you see isn't it was not covered in the company security policy the employee was not in good standing how to protect a senior executive in liability lawsuit employee is able to demonstrate due diligence and due care is on vacation it was not covered by the company security policy or D employee was not in good standing but at least it's the initial firewall hahaha are close to keep that at Bay in the event there is a lawsuit it would just add more evidence to the fact that the person to do the right thing so that was all the questions I have for the cissp exam questions domain 8 all right you can check all these questions out at Target or you can check them out at Shawn gerber.com as I bring in questions from all over or the internet to help you with study for your cissp exam test and that's one thing that I understand better than anything is the fact that if you have to have multiple test questions to go through it and thought process is is that these questions will help reinvigorate your cranium to allow you to pass the test the first check meowt Sean gerber.com but other than that have a great day and we'll catch you on the flip side so much for joining me today on my podcast I would greatly appreciate it also check out my cissp videos that you can find out on YouTube just search for Shawn s h o n Gerber like the baby food toilet or whatever you choose and then you will find a plethora of content to help you pass the cissp exam the first time lastly head over to Sean gerber.com and look at the Cornucopia free cissp materials available to all my email subscribers


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